About Us



Anusandha Adventures

Anusandha means exploration….!!! It is an idea of getting into something that is unknown or undiscovered, an idea to invoke a traveler in a tourist.

Our Mission
we endeavor to motivate people to travel across India and provide an opportunity for physical invigoration, mental rejuvenation, cultural enrichment and spiritual elevation.

Why Anusandha?
Anusandha Adventures is the association of people with passion; passion for travel, nature and photography. It is a group of people who believes in being one with nature while traveling. They are ready to travel on the undiscovered path, face challenges on the way and are enriched with the vast experiences to deal with any situation.
Anusandha Adventures is the opportunity to experience and feel the nature in a different way. We arrange road trips, jungle safaris, treks and nature outings to many locations in India and explore them to find their true potential, experience their warm hearted hospitality and unmatched accommodation.

Why travel with Anusandha?
We are travelers and we promote the idea of traveling, more than just tours. We provide best competitive rates compared to other tour operators.
As a traveler, we believe in interaction with the locals to get more information about the place. We try to stay close to nature and avoid luxury, unless required. Our stays are in the best available scenic location in the region, where ever possible.
We have dedicated and passionate team to provide maximum exploring experience to the participants. We cover off-road destinations in the surrounding areas which are not covered in other tour packages.
We insist on experience sharing and informal chatting with the fellow travelers to enrich the travel experience. Our photographers at Anusandha provide the basic photography knowledge like camera and exposure settings as part of it.