Driving Through Zojila

Many people says that Himalaya calls you back, there is some bonding or power that attracts you back towards Himalayan ranges. Well I really don’t know about the truth behind all these stories but for me it has become a habit. It has become a devotion and now I just can’t live without visiting mighty Himalayas at least once every year.

It all started with my first visit to Amarnath shrine and then the saga continued and now I have new love in my life, ‘Ladakh’. I’m madly in love with this place .

I am glad to share this videos taken in Zozi La while returning from Ladakh.

This is the first video showing the first pass on the way from Srinagar or the exit pass of Ladakh towards Kashmir, the mighty ‘Zoji La’,  at the altitude of approximately11,575 fit from sea level with the breathtaking view. Challenge doesn’t end in Ladakh but continues all the way till Zozi La. The muddy roads, heavy traffic and dangerous turns makes the driving all interesting and adventurous.

Thanks to my team for coming up with this video and sharing it to all to give the glimpse of challenges that Ladakh presents.



Note: Author is the founder of Anusandha Adventures

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