Memoirs of Kanyakumari – Painful Moments

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Every travel may not be very comfortable as you have planned out. There are some painful moments in  travel. You have to be prepared for accidents, both mentally and physically. We made it a habit to carry our own first aid kit wherever we travel. It includes tablets for common problems like headaches, acidity, loose motions or some normal issues. Along with that there are bandages, lubricants, spry and even things like burnol and odomos. Energy related stuff like Glucon D and Electrol are also very handy to carry. You can never estimate its importance in travel. In fact, I was benefited with this in one such travel.

We were loading the bags in the car by 5 am in Banguluru. One step fell on uneven ground and I almost fell down with a little sound of ‘tak’. Pain was excruciating to say the least. Has it cracked? This was the first impression I had of the twist. I started to get up and I could, but not without pain. A general opinion was to stay back and visit doctor as soon as we can. But since I was able to take few steps, meant it was not that serious. I immediately took out the spry and tied crepe bandage around the swollen part of the ankle. We started for Kanyakumari hoping for the best.

Our next halt was at Sarvana bhavan on the highway for breakfast. I had a great difficulty making it up to the hotel table. Same labor effort was required to make it back to the car as well.

We reached Kanyakumari by 4:30 PM. The best thing required for the leg was the rest. But resting in the land of Vivekananda was not a thing to be aimed for a traveler. Our travel started and it continued for the next two days. I had to visit all the sightseeing places like sunrise point, sunset point, Wandering monk exhibition, Gram Darshan, Vivekananda picture museum, Eknaathji picture museum, Ekaashar Ganpati temple, Suchindram temple, Meenakshi temple (Madurai) with some discomfort and pain. But I was not in mood to miss them. The small swelling now has spread across the leg. Pain had eased out but not the swelling. The leg was on the roll without any meaningful rest till we were in Kanyakumari. Only good part was it was wrapped in bandage whenever possible.

After coming back, I traveled to Delhi and Nagpur. I could still feel some pain when I do yoga in the morning. Even with this mishap, the enjoyment of Kanyakumari trip did not abate, thanks to the kit I had with me. So always be prepared for the worst.

Check here for some idea regarding the contents of first aid kit.

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