Rest Theory


Out of 4 cans with 80 liters of petrol, we just emptied the 3rd can into the bike. So we took the opportunity to rest and relax a bit. This was just the beginning of good road. Road before this was non-existent to say. As the sun was blazing, road was getting heated to provide the warmth. So we were taking some extra time to get relaxed and rest the back. This was a small village on Indo-China border. Permit is required to enter this part. Of all tourists visiting Ladakh, may be 1 % come to this part. So there was no hesitation to lie down right in the middle of the road as there was hardly any traffic to bother.

In general this had become our routine. After an hour or about 100 kms (on good road) we used to take a break. We started the process of lying down and continued it for rest of the journey. Along with the break there was rest to the back as well. It was not very relaxing but at least comforting enough to carry on for next journey. At times on rocks or on green patches or muddy grounds and sometimes even on the roads. Where ever we found the plain ground we lie down for comfort.

Initially there were some thoughts about clothes getting dirty. I can assure you when you drive 50 kms in Ladakh on bike, you get absorbed in the dust so much that dust exists as part of you. Then when tiredness or stiffness strikes, cleanliness of the clothes is a far fetched thought. If, in case, you don’t wish to put on helmet, its quite possible that your co-travellers may not recognize you at the end of the tour. The dust deposited on the face gives you indo-african look.

Another reason for taking break after mentioned period was to break the prolonged sitting on the bike. Any biker would understand this reason and the name after watching the step of this song smile emoticon

Note: These are excerpt from the experience of Anusandha Adventures team from Ladakh Exploration. Check Leh Ladakh Exploration for complete video.

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