Nubra Valley – More than a Cold Desert


By the time we finish our breakfast in Diskit, it was 11 AM. We were suppose to travel 200 km after visiting the Diskit Monastery. We were late, again! But there was a good reason for this delay.

While we were getting ready, the hotel owner entered with hot water. General conversation started with some inquiry and when the discussion reached on Nubra Valley, Diskit village, the owner started opening his stock of information in front of us. He started saying that when people visit to Diskit, they visit Hundar. They enjoy the desert and go back to Leh. Hundar is the only important place for them in Nubra valley. Actually it takes 4 days to enjoy the beauty of Nubra Valley. He told us about the places to visit in Nubra, what you can do there and how to go there. He also mentioned about couple of trekking activities as well as places to relax. This was the local knowledge and any of this information is not available anywhere. Judging from the information and the discussion, we felt that there had been some conscious effort to keep Nubra valley under the influence of Leh. Local scholars say that its original name was Ldumra, the valley of flowers. On the lines of the village, he also provided the information about the life in villages near the border and the issues they face during the time of war. He also told us about the situation in the near-by villages and the role State Government play in their lives. Some of the topics of information were so sensitive that he closed the door to make himself comfortable sharing it. As he was not aware about nature and type of other guests staying in adjoining rooms.

In those 60 minutes of discussion we got complete information about Nubra Valley and adjoining villages. This was the main aim of our travel. Information is available, you just have to ask and extract it by establishing the confidence and belief among the locals. And for that you need to give time which is very premium in these travels. But it is difficult to disturb the maths of time during travel.

We had already put the maths of our timings into fire but still managed to balance our equation correctly. We were realizing the difference between the tourist and the travelers.

Note: These are excerpt from the experience of Anusandha Adventures team from Ladakh Exploration. Check Leh Ladakh Exploration for complete video.

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