Heavenly and Pristine Deepak Taal


It was a shiny morning in Keylong in Himachal on the 12th day of August. We were already one day behind from our planed schedule due to mechanical repairs that had to be taken care in Manali. Plan for this day was to start early and try to reach at least Pang (184 km) or Leh (358 km). Well with our punctuality, we started at 9.00 am from Keylong (expected time was around 5 – 6.00 am). We had a very good drive for couple of hours, atmosphere was fantastic weather pleasantly cold and the best thing was road was in good condition. We covered around 50 km in couple of hours with one break for photography which is fast in this part. Sun was over the head now and something to eat was much needed. As usual being on Manali – Leh route, it was very difficult find anything.

The road was climbing altitude from last few km as we saw a human habitation from distance. There was a hope to get something eat, and suddenly we notice bikes and travelers halting on left side of the road. OMG! this was the exact reaction when we saw the attraction everyone was halting for. It was the beautiful Deepak Taal, the view of that lake just took all the hunger away from us. I won’t go into the details of Deepak Taal regarding altitude and all but would like to share one incident that happened there.


We were immediately on the shore of lake to get some good images and discussing about composition from different angles. We started clicking within couple of minutes as we reach there. We were so engrossed in it that we don’t even realize when a group of foreigners arrived there. After few satisfactory shots, we realized that we were hungry and started walking towards hotel ‘Marley’, few meters ahead. Suddenly someone from that hotel shouted very loudly ‘NO NO NO!!!! DON’T THROW ANYTHING, Rs 500 FINE !’

Some silent seconds went and then we came to know that someone from the group of foreigners threw a chocolate wrapper and the hotel owner was asking him to pick it up and throw in dustbin. It was an eye opener for all, something to be followed everywhere.

Well, can’t control to mention this. That day we reached and halted in Sarchu, which was about 8- km before pang about. That means we were able to drive merely 100 km!

Note: These are excerpt from the experience of Anusandha Adventures team from Ladakh Exploration. Check Leh Ladakh Exploration for complete video.

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